Private Dinner 31.12.20 Party Purilia New Year´s Eve

Purilia New Year´s Eve
Limited Availability *Book Your Table Before We Sell Out
Due to Social Distancing
Private Dinner and Eyes Wide Shut Party


Lisbon, Portugal

Whatsapp Contact
+351 91 551 05 32 

Dinner and Private Party *Private Eyes Wide Shut @purilia
The World’s Most Interesting People
*We offer excellent conditions, including all confidentiality. You will have access to a luxurious lifestyle with all the confidentiality and security. Your safety will always be our priority. All our members are carefully selected, undergoing a rigorous selection process, being entrepreneurs, recognized personalities, public figures, celebrities.
Confidentiality is the main rule among all participants and in any of our events and/or experiences, the same will be guaranteed in writing by all participants, where they commit in writing not to disclose any information, identity or any aspect of their participation in our events, experiences, logistics and organization. “Admission Purilia”
|Whatsapp +351915510532|  info@purilia.comPurilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

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