Private Madrid *Eyes Wide Shut Ceremony |October 16, 2021|

Dear Mr/Ms
We invite you to be present in one of your events during August, it will be held October, Madrid Spain.
Event: Private Madrid *Eyes Wide Shut CeremonyDate: October 16, 2021Local: Madrid, SpainDresscode: Dark suit (black), Dress (black)
Fee: | +34 667 44 94 29 WhatsAppWelcoming cocktail, Dinner and Ceremony ( All details will be available after the confirmation)Private transport and private driver will be available if you desire.
It will be possible the reservation of accommodation at the local, trough a agreement.
You can confirm your participation trough our WhatsApp contact +34 667 44 94 29
We ask you the total confidentiality about this invite, due to the private nature that is exclusive to Purilia guests
Whatever you Wish or Need, Anytime, Anywhere. Can You Imagine it? Your Membership Secures It @purilia_madrid+34 667 44 94 29 |WhatsApp|

Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

*Abu Dhabi *Bangkok *Beirute *Berlim *Cairo *Doha *Dubai *Istanbul *Lisbon *London *Madrid *Marrakech *Milan *Monte-Carlo *Moscow *New-York *Paris *Riyadh *São Paulo *St Petersburg *Tel Aviv *Tokyo
Please consider the environment before printing this email.
WARNING: This message and any files sent as attachments are confidential and destined exclusively for the information or use by the person or entity to which it is addressed. In the event of not being the addressee of the message, Purília hereby informs you that any use, distribution, delivery or another form of disclosure to others, print or copy of the same is expressly forbidden. Please immediately notify us via e-mail and delete this message and files attached without retaining a copy.Notwithstanding the security procedures that Purília submits all e-mail messages, the integrity of the content of same may not be guaranteed by Purília, which may not be held responsible for the respective interception, corruption, loss, destruction, delay or virus that it may contain

Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
Purilia Privée
Crowning the Purilia iconic proposition is Personal Service, a 24/7 Conciergerie tailored to those who yearn for their own private bespoke services.” 
Whatever you Wish or Need, Anytime, Anywhere. Can You Imagine it? Your Membership Secures It
The Purilia partners with the most premium brands to give members direct access to the finest services and experiences.  
Golf, Paddle, Tennis, Horse Riding and Polo Clubs. Vehicle and Yacht Rental. Chauffeured Cars. Reservations Management: hotels, restaurants, Beach Clubs, Night Clubs. Tailor-made trips and excursions. Tailor-made Shoes and Tailoring. Fashion Designer. Boutiques: Jewellery, Watches, Fashion, Gifts. Personal Shopper and Image consulting. Catering Services and Private Cooks. Private DJs. Private Security. Photography and Video. Nannies.  Angel Models or Influencers for Travel Companions. Angel Models or Influencers for Social or Private Events, Vacations, Business Trips, Weekends.
Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
*Abu Dhabi *Bangkok *Beirute *Berlim *Cairo *Doha *Dubai *Istanbul *Lisbon *London *Madrid *Marrakech *Milan *Monte-Carlo *Moscow *New-York *Paris *Riyadh *São Paulo *St Petersburg *Tel Aviv *Tokyo

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