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Purilia Blend, Herbal mixture that acts like a Viagra, but 100% Natural

Herbal mixture that acts like a Viagra, but 100% Natural

It is completely natural and made from 25 different types of herbs which include five different types of ginseng roots, powdered extracts from five different types of male palms.

The ingredients are sourced from various countries such as Iran, Sri Lanka, India, South Korea and China.

Some of the products included in the mix are

.Fenugreek Seed

And many other natural ingredients.

Take advantage of all the benefits of these high-value, natural products in a highly powerful blend

Purilia imports the ingredients directly from the souks of the Middle East, providing its members with a high quality and totally safe natural product with our full guarantee.

We provide the Purilia Blend on request, the blend is available by weight (per gram)
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