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December, Lisbon Portugal

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Lisbon Private Cocktail | December 2020

Eyes Wide Shut Private Cocktail
 December  2020
December, 29th 2020 Lisbon, Portugal
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|Purilia Luxury Management|. Lisboa, Dezembro 2020
*Best Location *Luxury  *Cocktail  *Ceremony *Venetian Masks Lisbon Portugal 

Purilia Private Eyes Wide Shut
Purilia is a Private Members’ Society |Luxury Management|

Purilia exists to serve the social and entertainment needs of our members and guests by maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all endeavors, by providing creative and culturally rich programs, and by providing a safe and comfortable environment for personal exploration.Register in our NewsLetter and recieve all about infomation and invite 

Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
WhatsApp +351 91 551 05 32
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Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

Have you made plans for NYE ? 31.12.2020 Private Eyes Wide Shut Lisbon

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Have you made plans for NYE ? 

Private Eyes Wide Shut 

*NYE Private Eyes Wide Shut Ceremony* Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
#nyepurilia #glamour #luxury #lisbon #private #world
Whatsapp +351915510532
Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
*Abu Dhabi *Bangkok *Beirute *Berlim *Cairo *Doha *Dubai *Istambul *Lisbon *London *Madrid *Marrakech *Milan *Monte-Carlo *Moscow *New-York *Paris *Riyadh *São Paulo *St Petersburg *Tel Aviv *Tokyo

*Private Members’Society | Luxury Concept 

Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

Private Luxury Experience Day |Only Members

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Private Luxury Experience Day

|Lisbon Dubai Madrid Milan Monte-Carlo New-York Oporto Paris São Paulo|

Purilia Private and Exclusive Experience

An unforgettable tailor-made experience awaits you at the Purilia Day.

Chef’s signature menu and unlimited french bubbly

Private and Exclusive Experiences

*Cocktail *Luxury Sport Car *Showroom with best designers and brands *Chef’s signature menu *unlimited french bubbly *helicopter flying

For any inquiries or booking kindly contact our Reservation Team.


+351 91 551 05 32


Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

We offer excellent conditions, including all confidentiality. You will have access to a luxurious lifestyle with all the confidentiality and security. Your safety will always be our priority. All our members are carefully selected, undergoing a rigorous selection process, being entrepreneurs, recognized personalities, public figures, celebrities.
Confidentiality is the main rule among all participants and in any of our events and/or experiences, the same will be guaranteed in writing by all participants, where they commit in writing not to disclose any information, identity or any aspect of their participation in our events, experiences, logistics and organization.To advance, you agree with this first manifesto.Please ask us for your access!

Purilia *Experience the Ultimate Lifestyle Inside and Outside the F1® Grand Prix World exclusivity

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Portugal, October, 2020

Purilia F1® Private Party

Private and Exclusive

|Private Vip Hospitality|



Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

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|Purilia Luxury Management|+351915510532 WhatsApp

Purilia F1® Private Party

*Airport Service *Best Location *Glamour *Luxury *Exclusivity *Limousine *Cocktail  *Luxury Yacht *Ceremony *Parties *Yachts

Experience the Ultimate Lifestyle

Inside and Outside the F1® Grand Prix World

October 2020 , Portugal |Private Vip Hospitality|


Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

Purilia Clubbing |Invite| Sofia Gião Dj

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Purilia Clubbing |Invite| Sofia Gião Dj

Sofia Gião
For Sofia Gião, music has a strong enchantment and magnetism that is evident in all her performances.

Purilia Clubbing |Invite| Sofia Gião Dj

Her music preferences are based on Soulful House, Deep House, Nu Disco and Lounge genres. One notes a certain influence of disco, funky and the pop sounds that she grew-up to in her sets; and she likes to do “musical journeys”, playing from house classics to current house commercial music.

When Sofia plays, her resonances unite an elegance and sensuality that is DISTINCTLY FEMININE and for many, recognizable as “her very own sound”.
Naturally versatile in her performances, she always takes into account her public and relates to the audience in front of her with empathy, intimacy and amazing simplicity.
Sofia’s aims are to make you feel happy and want to celebrate life, love, joy and freedom with her music sets. She believes that good vibrations are contagious and that this attracts other good energies. This ideal is always present whilst in her dj booth.

For Sofia Gião, music and dancing are the biggest sources of Freedom!

Para Sofia Gião, a música tem a força de um encantamento e esse magnetismo é evidente em todas as suas performances.

As suas preferências musicais situam-se no Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House e Nu Disco.
Nos seus sets nota-se o seu background musical, com influência dos sons disco, funky e pop com que cresceu e gosta de fazer “viagens musicais”, tocando desde clássicos, à musica comercial actual.
Nas sonoridades que Sofia toca, unem-se a elegância e a sensualidade e para muitos o “seu som” é já considerado como um SOM DISTINTAMENTE FEMININO.

Sofia é naturalmente versátil nas suas actuações, tendo sempre em conta o público que está à sua frente e relacionando-se com ele com uma empatia, proximidade, e simplicidade surpreendentes.
Sofia pretende que ao som da sua música o público se sinta feliz, celebre a vida e o amor em alegria e liberdade. Sofia acredita que a boa energia se contagia e esta atrai outra boa energia. Na sua cabine este ideal está sempre presente.

Para Sofia Gião “ a MÚSICA e a DANÇA são a sua maior fonte de LIBERDADE”

Purilia Music Invite Mariana Carvalho MCDJ |Playlist Mariana Carvalho MCDJ |

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Purilia Music |Invite| #1 MCdj Mariana Carvalho


Spotify Playlist
Join Us!
Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

Mariana de Carvalho A.K.A. MCDJ, started her carreer back in 2006 and along the years she developed a great capacity to read any type of crownd in order to amaze everyone at the dancefloor. With a varied musical taste she goes trough house, tribal house, progressive, circuit house, commercial or pop remixes.

MCDJ guarantees technique, sound quality and a lot of fun in any kind of event or night club.

Since 2016 MCDJ is once a month at Zoom Club Oporto City and this year she was the winner of the yearly and worldwide DJ Contest from the renowed Matinée Group – Spain.

April of 2017, MCDJ was invited and joined Trumps’s Club Team, being the first female resident DJ ever, in 38 years of club history. At Trumps she shares the booth with the biggest names in the international Djing Industry.

MADO MADRID ORGULLO 19 (Madrid, Spain) MAGICAL PRIDE 19 (Disneyland Paris, France) L’OMEGA (Nice, France)MILKSHAKE FESTIVAL (Amsterdam, Netherlands) MUCCASSASSINA (Rome, Italy)

LA LECHE FESTIVAL (Barcelona, Spain) GIRLIE CIRCUIT FESTIVAL (Barcelona, Spain) WE PARTY (Lisbon, Portugal)FAIRYTAILS (Luxembourg)LENOX CLUB (Luxembourg)CASINO ESTORIL (Lisbon, Portugal)

Purilia Clubbing DJ Gionni |Private| Purilia Music

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Purilia by Dj Gionni |Purilia Clubbing|
Selected And Mixed By DJ GIONNI
Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
Purilia Clubbing *Lisbon *Barcelona *Dubai *Madrid *Paris *Milan *Monte-Carlo *New York *Sao Paulo *Private Members’Society|Luxury Concept |Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People
Dj Gionni
Há quinze anos no mundo da música, é neste momento o DJ do JNcQUOI Private CLUB
Presença assídua na Vogue Fashion Night Out e nas festas da marca de maquilhagem Make Up For Ever. Ainda pela capital costuma partilhar a sua música pelo JNcQUOI Ásia, JNcQUOI Avenida, SEEN, Pensão Amor, Rio Maravilha, entre outros.
Foi convidado pelo DJ e Produtor Suiço Mark Stone para integrar a emissão do seu programa de rádio UDM SHOW – referência no mundo Deep e Soulful. Também a RÁDIO OXIGÉNIO tem apoiado os seus trabalhos.
Os seus discos vão desde as musicalidades mais calmas como o Disco, o Funk e o Soulful, a vertentes mais arrojadas e dignas de grandes pistas como o House.
É munido de técnica de mistura e tem um estilo musical muito diversificado

Purília Ellite Reveillon | Purília

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Purília Ellite Reveillon | Purília
New Years Ellite Purília Party 2015 Glamour Luxury Sex 31 Dezembro 2015 Ellite Party New Years Purília Party 2015 31 Dezembro, 2015, 20:30h Venha celebrar puiliaconnosco a entrada no novo ano,este será um evento destinado a quem deseja o melhor, entre glamour e toda a luxúria que o conceito Purília tem pa…

Comunidad privada – Purília Private Society

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“Purília” es una comunidad privada y que no es accesible al público en general; establecemos criterios de eyeslisboasint1acceso y selección bastante exigentes para conseguir una comunidad con normas, tanto estéticas como culturales.

A nuestra comunidad Purília tienen acceso personas mayores de 18 años, sin distinción de raza, religión, sexo u orientación sexual. El proceso de admisión, ha sido creado para permitir que la evaluación de los candidatos a miembros de la comunidad Purília sea la más correcta posible; en el proceso de admisión solicitamos algunos datos personales.

La naturaleza reservada y restringida de nuestra comunidad Purília requiere por nuestra parte un gran cuidado y atención al sigilo y la confidencialidad, tanto de los miembros como de los candidatos a la comunidad Purília. Garantizando, por nuestra parte, esa confidencialidad y sigilo sobre cualquier información y/o datos a  los que  Purília tenga acceso.

Una vez se nos hacen llegar los datos que dan inicio al proceso de selección, Estos serán verificados, conferidos y se confirmará la veracidad de los mismos. En el caso de que la propuesta a miembro sea aceptada, en esta primera fase por nuestra comunidad, se enviará un email y/o SMS con las indicaciones necesarias para proseguir con el restante proceso, para la obtención de la admisión.

Sólo con la aprobación por parte de nuestra comunidad y a través delproceso de admisión  será posible la participación en los eventos organizados.

El acceso a las áreas reservadas de nuestra página web apenas será posible después de la participación efectiva en uno de nuestros eventos, que a partir de ese momento se torna miembro de pleno derecho y con acceso a toda la información y áreas reservadas.

Nos reservamos el derecho de alterar la fecha de cualquier uno de los eventos, en estas situaciones, las inscripciones y participaciones pasarán para el evento siguiente en la nueva fecha anunciada.

El derecho de admisión podrá ser y por excepción realizada a través de la indicación de un miembro que ya pertenezca a la comunidad, dándose la posibilidad de que los miembros que forman parte de nuestra comunidad puedan indicar a un posible miembro.


Purília Private Society

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A Purília passa neste momento  a uma nova fase, todos os conteúdos, serão tornados privados e em exclusivo, não sendo possível o seu acesso, de forma a ter a possibilidade de fazer parte da “Private Society” “Purília Private Society”, deverá indicar essa sua mesma vontade em